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Parodos 2016


Vimek appears at various fairs, either with our own stand but also through dealers.

– Silva Regina in Czech Republic 3-7 april
– Vermont, USA 6-7 maj
– KWF -Tagung, Germany 9 – 12 juni
– Forexpo, France 15 – 17 juni
– Eko Las, Poland 1 – 3 september
– APF, England 15 – 17 september

- Skog & Traktor 13-14 maj
- Utemässan  27-29 maj
- Skogsmaskindagarna  3-4 juni
- Mellanskogsmässan 19-20 augusti
- Mittia gårdsbruk  26-27 augusti

In addition to these fairs Vimek also cooperate with dealers on small forestry fairs. Read more about this on our website.

So if you haven´t told us your future plans for the upcoming events please inform us so we can plan and help you as much as we can. 





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Used machines


Do not forget to let us know if you have some used machines, that you want our help to sell.
We have a lot of channels that we can use and there is a high demand for nearly all machines.

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